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2011-03-17 | It's time for a break

I've decided I need to take a hiatus from Great Declivity (I actually stopped working on it in late January, but had enough built up I didn't run out until last week).

The strip needs more focus and direction- I need to spend more time building out the plot, or it will continue to just aimlessly poke along. And for that I need to come back to it with fresh eyes, and more time.

Drawing has taken on the feeling of being a chore, which it shouldn't be- it feels like I have to work each morning on the strip, because I have to get it done by Friday. I need some time off, so I can come back to the art for the art's sake.

I have no idea when I might come back to it- not before June. And when I do come back, the schedule most likely be different, I'm not sure what form it will take. I'll post any updates here, and may eventually add an rss feed or an email signup form to make it easier to get update notifications.

Signing off for now.

2010-12-17 | Guess I missed a week...

So if you were paying attention, you realized no comic went up last week. Between a hard drive crash, work, some family stuff, and a huge snowstorm it just got lost in the shuffle.

But here it is, and it's a pretty good one (I think). Hope it was worth the wait.

2010-12-10 | No Comic Today

I'm traveling, and my laptop hard drive crashed, so no comic today. I'll post it when I get back home, late Monday or early Tuesday.

2010-10-14 | Comic #66

Well, you guys get this one a day early, in honor of I'm taking of a vacation and won't be able to post it tomorrow. So, here you go, enjoy.

2010-09-24 | One Year Mark

Well, here we are, a full year in (just a bit over, actually). I'm pretty happy that I've managed to keep it up, and to not miss any updates by more than a day or so.

I'm a little frustrated at how slowly the story is unfolding, although I think it's hit its own natural pace which is nice. I just wish I had more time to work on it- here we are a year in and in story-time it's only the morning of the fifth day. Such are the downsides of having a job, I suppose.

The art has certainly improved, and has a ways to go yet, but it's interesting to look at the first few strips to see how much has changed.

Anyway, time to get drawing. There's more to come, yet.

2010-03-26 | Comic 37

Almost forgot to post this today, but luckily my friends won't let me get away with that.

I like this one- feel like the art is starting to come together.

In other news, I'm kicking around the idea of adding some stuff, including maybe a print store- if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know. That said, work is crazy, so it probably won't be for a while....

2009-11-26 | Happy Thanksgiving

In honor of my having the day off, you get this week's comic one day early.

Please to enjoy.

2009-11-14 | New Comic Posted

Sorry for the late post- been pretty nuts with work lately, and forgot yesterday was Friday.

But, as promised, here it is.

2009-11-13 | No comic today

So it turns out that today's Friday. And it turns out that I didn't know that until just now. So I forgot to bring the new comic in to work with me, and (since I have no internet at home) that means no comic today.

But I'll post it tomorrow, I promise.

2009-10-24 | Sorry For The Late Post

Yesterday was a crazy end to a crazy week, and I just plumb forgot. But here you go, only 1 day late.

In other news, it looks like I probably won't have all that much news in general, so if you spend all week eagerly anticipating my news posts, you might want to find another hobby. Maybe ice dancing.